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Things To Do In Thomasville GAAre you looking for some amazing Things To Do in Thomasville GA? Here are some top secret tips to help you plan the perfect day or evening. At first glance, it may seem like a quaint small Southern town but you will find many fun things to do in Thomasville GA whether you live here or are just visiting. These really cool tips include great places, to eat, drink, attractions, events, shopping and so much more. Plus we will go take you below the surface and help you find the best deals and secrets that you will not find on other travel websites. If this is your first time here, please look under the Get the Most From our Website Heading on this page to get the details on how to find the information you are looking for.

Discover This Fine City

In 1922, the city hosted its first Rose Show leading to the name City of Rose. This event is held annually at the end of April and is one of the best events in the south. You also should definitely check out the Rose Garden especially when the roses are in bloom. You will find that it is a great town for everything from shopping to hunting and other outdoor activities. Hunting is definitely on the list of things to do in Thomasville GA and includes hunting for duck, deer, dove, turkey and the most famous hunting of  bob-white quail.  You will also find some great restaurants as well. So lets explore some of the great things to do in Thomasville GA.

Delicious and Amazing Dining Options

If you like Southern cooking then you will definitely find it here with great places to eat Thomasville GA. You can get great Southern food at many of the buffets, restaurants and fine dining establishments. You will also find great barbecue restaurants, seafood restaurants and Italian restaurants as well. You will definitely not go hungry here with plenty of great restaurants to choose from.

Exciting Things To Do In Thomasville GA

You will find many great attractions and fun things to do in Thomasville GA. You can stroll around the Rose Garden or check out the Hardy Bryan House, Pebble Hill Plantation, Country Oaks Golf Course, the Cultural Center, the Big Oak, the Farmers Market, Horse Around Stables, Genealogical History and Fine Arts Library, Black Heritage Trail Tour and the Historic Walking and Driving Tour. You can also get out and enjoy nature, birds and butterflies by taking a hike through the Birdsong Nature Center.

You will also find many great festivals and events throughout the year including the Great Southern Music Festival, the Rose Show Festival. Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival, Peacock Festival and a Victorian Christmas. So what are you waiting for, start exploring all the wonderful Thomasville Activities.

Thomasville Visitors Center

Your first stop if you are visiting should be the Thomasville Visitors Center to help you find some good ole southern hospitality and help guide your visit to help you find this towns many treasures including wonderful natural beauty including outdoor parks, hunting and fishing. They can also guide you into picking the perfect bed and breakfast, shopping establishments,museums and all of the historic homes in the downtown area. The visitors center is located at 144 East Jackson Street and is open M-F (8 am to 5 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 3 pm). Get great Things to Do In Thomasville GA on their website as well. If you need more information, give them a call at (866) 577-3600. Another great resource is the Townie newspaper. It is full of cool things to do, city gossip and more. Pick up your copy in their store located downtown or from one of the newspaper stands located throughout the city.

Get The Most From the  Things to Do in Thomasville GA Website


This website will include many resources that you can use including lists of great things to do and eat, posts on various businesses and events in the Thomasville area, weekend happenings, events and festivals and all kinds of other cool stuff to help you have a great time. Here are a few tips on how to best use this website.

First you should check out the Weekend tab before every weekend so that you know what is going on this weekend. Imagine no more boring weekend all because you took the time to check out the Weekend Tab. Next you can check out the Events tab to see what events are coming up in the near future and get your tickets early (HINT: lots of events give discounts for buying tickets early) or just make sure you plan to go. Under the Things to Do in Thomasville GA tab you will find three tabs labelled Entertainment Guide, Special Deals, and Holidays. You can use the Entertainment Guide to find what what is going on for each day of the week. Use the Special Deals to find great deals like lunch, dinner or other specials that are going on around town. Use this tab to save money. If there is an upcoming holiday, use the Holiday tab to get the scoop on what to do for the Holidays. If you are looking for a great Happy Hour, use the Happy Hour tab located under the Restaurants tab.

If you are visiting Thomasville, you can check out the Restaurants Tab to get a listing of all the great local restaurants in town. Use the Shopping Tab to find the perfect something for yourself or maybe someone else as well at one of the many cool shops around town. Use the Attractions Tab and sub tab to find the best places to visit and things to do while visiting this amazing southern town.


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